Studio III - Architecture

Savannah College of Art and Design - Teaching Internship

Studio III Spring 2019 developed a ‘Dibaterratorium’: A non-Google-able Typology’ with a focus on places for debate and structural system.

The students work explored architecture in a conceptual space. (1) This architecture trains the debater in the art of logic and reason before participants enter the ‘ring’ of debate. (2) “The Council for the Exiiled”, identifying the refugee crisis will overtake the abandoned South East United States in 236 years. (3) Spaces of intention, accession of debate status to face-off with a silhouetted opponent. The space removes status and class from the debate. (4) The Kite brings to light the debate within ourselves. Highlighting our two selves. (5) Stripped to nakedness, debate makes even the strongest voice vulnerable. The water pools on the surface cast a mezmorizing light display that blinds the views and allows the debaters to focus on the debate.

Media Management - Graphic design

Savannah College of Art and Design - Teaching Internship

Spring 2018 and Spring 2019 Students built a repertoire of knowledge, technical and design, and were provided with information that would strengthen their abilities to navigate file structure and the industry standard Adobe software. They were presented with three projects that scaffolded on this idea.

Project One:

Movie poster invited students to dig into the programs offerings and generate a composition that utilized the depths the tool they explored in creating the final piece.

Project Two:

Timeline that generated a narrative on a subject matter of their choice. Vector illustrations and layout in the problem showed the students the advantage of this program for type modification and hard edge imagery.

Project Three:

Book design and passion project. This project harnessed the three programs together and highlighted what they had learned about graphic design and the tools necessary to create. The layouts also introduced grid systems that translate across all platforms.